IBM P5 505, 9115-505 Server

IBM Power5 505 Server on Rental, Sale, Service and Maintenance in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune & Mumbai.


One, expandable to two Power5+ 1.9GHZ or 2.1GHZ processors Four Power 5+ 1.65 GHZ processors One, expandable to two Power5 1.65GHZ processors Two Power5 1.5GHZ processors.

Level 2, 1.9MB per processor pair Level 3, 36MB per processor pair


Main Memory: 

1GB expandable to 32GB

Standard Integrated interface: 

PCI Adaptor Slots:2 PCI-X DDR 266 MHz, 1 long and 1 short

Mass storage and media: 

Drive Capacity :36.4 GB, 73.4 GB, 146 GB, and 300 GB hard drives available. Disk Bays :2 SAS drive bays.