IBM System P6 Power 570 Server

IBM Power6 570 Server on Rental, Sale, Service and Maintenance in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderebad, Delhi, Pune & Mumbai.


Two, expandable to sixteen Power6 64bit Processors (3.5, 4.2, 4.7 GHZ)

4MB L2 cache per core, 64 MB L2 with 4 Modules 32 MB L3 cache per core pair, 256MB L3 with 4 Modules


Main Memory: 

667 MHz DDR2, 2GB to 48GB per Module 533 MHz DDR2, 16GB to 96GB per Module 400 MHz DDR2, 32GB to 192GB per Module

Standard Integrated interface: 

Blind Swap :4 PCI Express 8x Slots, expandable to 16 w/ 4 Modules PCI Adaptor Slots :2 PCI-X DDR 266 MHz, expandable to 8 w/ 4 Modules

Mass storage and media: 

Hard drives : 36.4 GB, 73.4 GB, 146 GB, and 300 GB hard drives available Disk Bays :6 SAS drive bays, expandable to 24 w/ 4 Modules